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charlevoix home with clean windows
thru glass cleaning company cleaning windows in petoskey michigan
home on walloon lake with clean windows
home on walloon lake with clean windows
home on walloon lake with clean windows
home on walloon lake with clean windows
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Clean Windows and Clear Minds!

The proper way to enjoy the Northern Michigan sun is to admire it through windows free of smudges and streaks. Don’t let unnecessary blemishes prevent you from appreciating the fruits of your labor. Thru Glass utilizes the best in cleaning technology paired with experienced technicians to let your home shine through and remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place. Our Pure Water system is safe, fast, and protects your property.

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THe Latest technology

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Pure Water's telescopic poles and low pressure allow us to safely and effectively clean exterior windows from the ground. Both our team and your property are protected from potential hazards of extra equipment. Your flower beds and lawn will receive less impact than when ladders are moved around your property.

Pure Water works as a natural detergent to loosen the bonds of dirt at an ionic level, producing a film-less, smear-free surface as the glass is washed and rinsed without relying on questionable chemicals that can wreak havoc. 

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Residential window cleaning in Charlevoix, Michigan
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Available Service Packages

Thru Glass offers custom cleaning packages so that you can pick the best fit for your unique home:

The Baller
The Most Detailed Service Available!
  • Interior and exterior windows and sills cleaned
  • Interior and exterior screens cleaned
  • All windows opened and tracks brushed out
The Standard
Exterior & Interior
  • Interior and exterior windows and sills cleaned
  • Interior and exterior screens cleaned
The Basic
Exterior Only
  • Exterior windows and sills cleaned
  • Exterior screens cleaned
The most thorough

We Clean
Your Screens Too!

Our team will carefully remove and label all screens to be cleaned. All exterior screens will be cleaned using our super-awesome screen cleaning machine. We hook up to your outside water source and run each screen thru the bristles before hand wiping the frames. Your screens can't get any cleaner.

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Why Choose Thru Glass?
The value of peace of mind.

There are “other guys” who will come to your property to power wash and clean your windows. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? These other providers might even save you a buck or two. But what will the experience be like? You’ve earned the opportunity to hire those who can provide not a clean exterior and clean windows, but the relaxation that comes with knowing you’re taken care of.

Consider these potential differences before you make your decision:

The Thru Glass Experience
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Service Area

Thru Glass Cleaning Company is proud to serve all of the beautiful Northern Michigan area. If you are located outside this area, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

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Walloon Lake
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