Terms and Conditions

Surfaces will be cleaned of all algae and mildew. Items like “artillery fungus”, rust, oil, stains, scuffs, paint and the like are not included. Any other items that cannot be removed by traditional soft washing are not included.

Thru Glass cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from electrical items that are exposed yet not in a condition to get wet, surfaces that react negatively to standard cleaning processes as outlined in our quote or common to the industry, water intrusion of any kind or damage due to not following the pre-cleaning preparation list.

All of our services are guaranteed to be carried out with the maximum amount of professionalism and quality. This bid is designed to make your life easier, but is unfortunately unable to take every factor into consideration.

We will bring water with us but will likely need to supplement with your water. Please feel free to call us at 231.675.5959 with any questions.