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Northern Michigan's Best Gutter Guard Solution

Your home's Gutter System in Petoskey faces an uphill battle against leaves, seeds, and other debris. Fortunately, there is an affordable, permanent solution to your clogged gutter problems. Raindrop Gutter Guards in Petoskey and Charlevoix!

For years, customers have asked us about gutter guard installation. We've always steered people away from guards because we've seen so many bad products fail. Most gutter guards are ineffective, and they often cause more problems than they solve! So what changed?

We FINALLY found a product we can get behind- Raindrop Gutter Guards. This is the best, most durable, highest value design we've seen.  We love the product so much we started offering it to our customers. You need to know more about these money-saving gutter guards for your Petoskey and Charlevoix home. We are happy to help!

Northern Michigan's #1 Rated Gutter Guard Installation Company


Thru Glass Cleaning is proud to be Northern Michigan's first and only Raindrop Gutter Guard Certified Installer. We can't wait to help YOUR gutters perform better!

Why Raindrop Gutter Guards Are The Best Choice For Your Home:

  • The Best Warranty In The Industry
    Raindrop carries an unheard-of 20 Year Transferable warranty. This warranty gives you peace of mind AND increases your property value should you ever decide to sell your home.
  • The Most Durable Gutter Guards On The Planet
    Metal and mesh gutter guards are susceptible to denting, tearing and cracking. Not Raindrop. Composed of heavy duty, high performance plastic, Raindrop Gutter Guards can take a serious beating and continue to do their job.
  • Superior Design Means Superior Performance
    Other gutter guards have a major design flaw. They try to keep EVERYTHING out. This creates problems when it comes to drainage. Their tiny openings get obstructed easily and the guards become ineffective.  Raindrop's openings are large enough to allow harmless debris to PASS THROUGH, where it will be safely flushed out by rain water. This design keeps Raindrop guards free flowing and functional where other guards fail.
  • Self Cleaning Innovation.
    Other gutter guard systems are notorious for becoming embedded with debris like maple seeds ('helicopters') and pine needles.  Eventually, these inferior guards become so clogged they actually cause more harm than if they weren't present in the first place!  Raindrop Gutter Guards, are designed with a smooth, slippery surface that perfectly follows the pitch of your roof.  Debris reaches Raindrop Guards and just slides right off!

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