About Us

What Matters To Us

We know that clean stuff is nice, but we like to think that how we do our craft is a reflection of who we are as people. Tackling a task on your property is not just another job to us. It's a mission to make your life better by keeping you feeling good. Not only about your home, but also your experience.

Brandon Markel started window cleaning in Petoskey in 2008. Two short years later, Thru Glass Cleaning was up and running. His experiences in home services quickly made him realize the gratification available when doing great work for people and helping them enjoy their homes. Thru Glass expanded to other services as they provided more opportunities for that gratification. It really does feel good to serve our customers. 

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At the core of our work is also the recognition of our role in the lives of those around us. We use the company as an opportunity to involve ourselves with the community through volunteer work and as members of the local chamber of commerce. We strive to create a great working environment for our employees. Our team has grown into a group of awesome employees who are able to support their families with a Thru Glass career, not just a job. Brandon has been lucky to find staff who share his enthusiasm for providing great service. 

As our company has expanded both in number and services offered, we’ve learned a lot about what it means to be proud of our work and to share experiences with others. We’re thankful for the success we’ve had in this area and that you’re here, now, reading this.