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Choose NORTHERN MICHIGAN’S BEST RATED Power Washing and Window Cleaning COMPANY.


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Exterior Cleaning Services in Petoskey, Charlevoix, and Harbor Springs.

A clean home is the destination. But, you know the journey is just as important. You’ve earned the opportunity to hire those who can provide a journey that’s as flawless as your clean home.

About Us
Who is Thru Glass Cleaning?

The exterior cleaning industry is highly unregulated, meaning any well-intended but unskilled and inexperienced individual can buy a pressure washer, bucket, and squeegee this morning and charge you to wash your house this afternoon. While an outsider may see both the experienced and inexperienced contractor as just pointing and spraying, Thru Glass Cleaning knows there is a lot that must be handled behind the scenes to clean your home while giving you an experience that maintains your peace of mind, not to mention the condition of your property. 

Clean gutters, roof, siding, windows and the like don’t just look good. They also maintain the structural integrity of your home. Of course, your curb appeal is important, but your hard work isn’t just about looking good. You also want to keep and increase the value of your home while avoiding later hassles. 

The Thru Glass Window Cleaning Experience

Thru Glass Cleaning has the technical expertise, business acumen, customer focus, and team to do more than clean your home. Beneath the flawless exterior of your washed home is the knowledge that your home’s value and condition are maintained as well as your peace of mind. In other words, Thru Glass Window Cleaning makes clean feel good.

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Thru Glass Cleaning Company is proud to serve all of the beautiful Northern Michigan area. If you are located outside this area, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

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