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a home in petoskey michigan with a dirty deck
a home in petoskey michigan with a clean deck
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dirty decking
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Restore your deck!

You want a deck that’s noticeable for what’s NOT on it, but Father Time is undefeated. With the climate of Northern Michigan, it’s inevitable that your deck will accumulate dirt, bacteria, or algae. Left untreated this eye sore only worsens. You can win the battle with a visit from the technicians at Thru Glass Cleaning, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic appeal your deck had on the first day you watched the sun set from it.

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What is Low-Pressure Deck Cleaning?

Thru Glass restores your deck with a perfect blend of detergent and low pressure to eliminate harmful buildup followed by a gentle rinse. Concerned about all the beautiful landscaping around your deck? Our team will rinse all vegetation around cleaning areas before, during, and after washing. We also apply a fertilizing plant boost to help your vegetation thrive after we leave.

thru glass cleaning company professionally restoring a deck in charlevoix michigan

Our Deck Cleaning Service Package

Evry deck cleaning service includes the following:

The Standard
Complete Deck Restoration
  • Complete washing of deck surfaces including railings and stairs.
  • Complete rinse of all surfaces.
  • Plant & Property Protection
  • A 12 month guarantee against the return of organic growth!
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Why Choose Thru Glass?
The value of peace of mind.

There are “other guys” who will come to your property to power wash and clean your windows. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? These other providers might even save you a buck or two. But what will the experience be like? You’ve earned the opportunity to hire those who can provide not a clean exterior and clean windows, but the relaxation that comes with knowing you’re taken care of.

Consider these potential differences before you make your decision:

The Thru Glass Experience
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Service Area

Thru Glass Cleaning Company is proud to serve all of the beautiful Northern Michigan area. If you are located outside this area, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

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