Looking for a career,
not just a job?

Welcome to Thru Glass Cleaning, the company that turns dirt and grime into a distant memory and adds a splash of laughter to the mix! We take pride in providing top-notch Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Deck Cleaning, and Gutter Cleaning services while spreading happiness and exceeding customer expectations. What sets us apart? We're a customer service first company who knows that by focusing on making people happy (both our employees and customers), the good stuff naturally follows. Get ready to be a part of a company that merges fun and professionalism like no other!

We only hire people who:

  • Focus on the team (not just themselves).
  • Deliver on our promise to make customers feel good about our service and their experience dealing with us.
  • Take extreme ownership.
  • Want to be rewarded for effort and achievement.
  • Expect excellence and AWESOME benefits from their employer.

Your Benefits at Thru Glass Cleaning

  • Excellent Benefits
    Say hello to your new BFFs: 401k, Health insurance match, Paid holidays, Paid vacation and Performance bonus. Did we just become best friends? Yup!"
  • Growth Opportunities
    Welcome to the land of career growth: where birds chirp, sun shines, and promotions happen faster than you can say 'pressure washer'!"
  • Great Company Culture
    Why settle for ordinary when you can be a part of a team that values fun, teamwork, and an 'I've-got-your-back' attitude? Join our fabulous tribe today!"

FAQs of Thru Glass Cleaning and the Technician Role

What is the company culture like at Thru Glass Cleaning?

At Thru Glass Cleaning, our company culture is a delightful blend of fun, support, and dedication because we believe that happiness breeds success. Not only will you work with a friendly and motivated group of people, but you'll also join a team that values collaboration and making our customers happy.

What is the company's approach to employee development?

Employee development is a top priority at Thru Glass Cleaning. We provide an enriching environment with continuous opportunities to learn new skills, receive hands-on training, and pursue professional growth. After all, when our employees shine, the whole company benefits!

Does Thru Glass Cleaning provide opportunities for advancement within the company?

Absolutely! Thru Glass Cleaning believes in nurturing talent and offering opportunities for growth within the company. With our expansive range of services and commitment to excellence, you can unlock new doors and spontaneously embark on the journey of career advancement. Expect to climb that ladder, folks!

Service Area
proudly serving all of the beautiful Northern Michigan area.
Bay Harbor
Harbor Springs
Boyne City
Walloon Lake
Boyne Falls
Lake Charlevoix
Burt Lake
Cross Village
Indian River