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» Ice Dam Removal Petoskey

Why our Ice Dam Removal
service is better:

Safe Hot Wet Steam

This process safely melts away the ice at very low pressure preventing damage to your shingles and roof.

Most Efficient Service

Steam cleaning allows us to work faster than other methods, saving you time and money.

Never Use High Pressure!

Steam cleaning uses much less water than a hot pressure washer, this prevents slipping and freezing water hazards on the ground below.

How Does An Ice Dam Form?

1. Heat rising from the house melts snow and ice on the roof, causing water runoff.


2. Water refreezes when it hits the cold edge of the roofline, creating an ice dam that prevents water from draining


3. Trapped water can back up under shingles and find its way inside, causing leaks or water damage in your home.


With our Ice Dam Removal Service, you’ll avoid:

  • Water damage inside your home
  • Damage to your roof
  • Mold, mildew, and bacterial growth from water inside your walls
  • Damage to shingles

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